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Keeping Up with the Times

Even though our farm has been around for over 250 years we have always taken pride in adapting to the world we live in by meeting customer demand. As my Facebook Newsfeed fills up with my friends who are so excited about Wal-Mart pick-up… heart breaks a little. What about me, the little guy, and all of my hard working Lady and Gentlemen Farmers?

But as the mother of three children who can FINALLY buckle their own seat belts, I get it. Trust me. There are few things more daunting than explaining to your toddler that just because they are dry in the car you are still getting rained on. Why can’t they just sit down? Don’t they realize you still have to load the groceries into the car? Why do they think they can be trusted to roam around in the car while you load? Do they not recall how you frantically had to google how to use your own mouth to suck that bead out of their nose? It’s hard work keeping kids alive.

Or maybe you are a commuter, and by the time the weekend rolls around you don’t feel like being up with the chickens and heading to the farmers market. Up with the chickens isn’t for everyone. I often question it myself.

Or maybe you are both…. In that case, may the Lord be with you.

So I thought to myself: “How can I help out my local community by making sure their families are benefitting from convenience, eating the best, AND supporting the community that they love?… I can bring it to them! Log on to Place your order between Friday 3pm and Sunday at Midnight Check your email for your invoice on Monday Pay your invoice on Monday Put your cooler out Tuesday night, and Wednesday come home to it full of your favorite market wares!

I have teamed up with some of my favorite vendors to bring you a variety of local goodies. If you don’t see your favorite… don’t panic. Just let me know and I will work on getting them into the fold.

Tudor Hall Farm

Green Gate Farm

Cultured Leaf Kombucha

Shade’s Farm Honey

Shepherd’s Whey Creamery

Appalachian Chocolate Company

Town & Country Nursery

Mark your Calendar the first order needs to be placed by Sunday November 4th at Midnight for delivery Wednesday November 7th.

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