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How does this work?

And other Frequently Asked Questions.... Like How do I pay?

First thank you for visiting Tudor Hall Farm and our website.

Second you place your order either on the website (preferred) or you can text or call me. It is super helpful to have all of the orders in one place, but I also know you may have some questions.

Once you have selected your items and filled your cart you will need to select how you want to receive your order.

On Farm Pick-Up - Once we have your order together we will notify you that it is ready and schedule a time to pick it up. Depending on what is going on that day.... or availability of your order.... It can be ready that afternoon, the next day... or even a few days. Sometimes I have to go out and pick and wash your produce.... But once it is ready, your order will have your name on it and be placed in a cooler for your arrival. I will send you specific instructions on exactly where to go when we arrange a pick-up time.

Charles Town Farmers Market- Starting May 2 the Charles Town Farmers Market will be a drive through market. Please go to the Charles Tow Farmers Market WV Facebook page for detailed instructions regarding that market. All orders for that market must be received no later than Friday at 5 so that I can get them together and see you bright and early. The Charles Town Farmers Market is on Samuel Street from 8-noon.

Shepherdstown Farmers Market- is in the White Hall Parking Lot on the corner of Princess and High streets on Sundays from 9-noon! Drive in and around to stop at your vendor. Pop your trunk. We load it up and you are off!

Delivery- Please leave me a cooler on your porch on Wednesdays. I start my route late in the afternoon and deliver into the evening!!

Once you have made your selection you submit your order, and wait for your email invoice. Just like at market I use square. They offer an invoice which is very convenient in our no contact world. Since all of the meat is irregular, I have to physically pull your order to know how much to charge you. Sometime else to note is that all of the prices are per pound. This can be confusing with the larger steaks and roasts. It says $7.75 a pound... but if it's a 3 pound roast that chunk of meat is going to be $21.... So your invoice is the total of what you are actually receiving.

So then you just pay your invoice and then smile and wave if you happen to see me at market, or delivering, or at the farm. I hope everyone is staying safe!

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